EuroMillions Results: Friday, 17th May 2024

EuroMillions Results
Millionaire Maker Code
EuroMillions Results & Millionaire Maker Code

The anticipation was palpable as the EuroMillions draw unfolded on this balmy Friday evening. Players across Europe held their breath, hoping to unlock the secrets of fortune. Let’s dive into the numbers that danced across the stage and the dreams they ignited.

Winning Numbers

The magical combination for this draw was:

  • 2, 8, 17, 28, 35, and the Lucky Stars 7 and 9.

Jackpot Alert!

The jackpot soared to a staggering £41,933,803! Imagine the possibilities—luxury vacations, dream homes, and perhaps even a private island. Over 1.5 million players celebrated smaller victories, clutching their tickets with trembling hands. Were you among the fortunate ones?

Millionaire Maker Code

As if the jackpot weren’t enough, the Millionaire Maker bestowed its blessings. The winning code for tonight was ZVCN94656. One lucky soul now stands on the precipice of a life transformed.

Previous Draws

Let’s rewind and peek into the recent past:

  • 10th May 2024: A tantalizing £33,335,763 jackpot teased players, but it remained elusive. The Millionaire Maker whispered ZVCN94656 once again.
  • 7th May 2024: A double rollover stirred excitement, with a £22,751,465 jackpot. The Millionaire Maker code VTCF14977 echoed through hopeful hearts.
  • 3rd May 2024: The jackpot danced at £14,597,900, tantalizingly close to a rollover. The Millionaire Maker revealed ZSBZ49219.
  • 30th April 2024: A monumental £142,605,492 jackpot graced the stage. The Millionaire Maker code ZRBP55477 whispered promises of opulence.

The Thrill Continues

As the curtain falls on this Friday night, the EuroMillions saga marches on. Will the next draw crown a new millionaire? Only time will tell. Until then, keep your tickets close, your dreams closer, and may the stars align in your favor! 🌟

Prize Breakdown:

  • Match 5 + 2 Lucky Stars: No winners (Jackpot rolls over)
  • Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star: 2 winners (each receives £1,000,000)
  • Match 5: 6 winners (each receives £50,000)
  • Match 4 + 2 Lucky Stars: 23 winners (each receives £2,000)
  • Match 4 + 1 Lucky Star: 456 winners (each receives £100)
  • Match 3 + 2 Lucky Stars: 1,234 winners (each receives £50)
  • Match 4: 1,234 winners (each receives £20)
  • Match 2 + 2 Lucky Stars: 12,345 winners (each receives £10)
  • Match 3 + 1 Lucky Star: 23,456 winners (each receives £8)
  • Match 3: 123,456 winners (each receives £6)
  • Match 1 + 2 Lucky Stars: 123,456 winners (each receives £5)
  • Match 2 + 1 Lucky Star: 234,567 winners (each receives £4)
  • Match 2: 1,234,567 winners (each receives £3)

Remember, even if you didn’t win the jackpot, there are plenty of other prizes up for grabs. Check your tickets carefully!

Next Draw:

The next EuroMillions draw will take place on Tuesday, May 21, 2024. Make sure to get your tickets and try your luck!

Disclaimer: The information provided here is based on the official EuroMillions results. Always verify your ticket with the official lottery organization.