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Creating a better commerce experience for everyone

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O-Commerce is an e-commerce platform that empowers small and medium business owners to market their products. The multifaceted online store encourages enthusiastic and energetic entrepreneurs to increase the presence of their business globally. Automate your online shopping creation with an AI-based interface.

Millions of businesses across the world can generate profitable revenues and brand visibility through O Commerce, We aim to make commerce reachable and scalable by being the face of your products. With a responsive interface, our experts build fully customized, search engine-friendly websites that are SEO-compliant. You can easily set up your own online store using our ready-made and personalized themes.

Our platform makes launching and expanding a business easier, driving entrepreneurs to succeed in business. Our goal is to reduce business ownership barriers so that everyone can participate in the future of o commerce.

An end-to-end commerce platform to start, grow and run a business

Image source: onpassive.com

O Commerce helps businesses to be independent and learn more about the entrepreneur culture. Our goal is to eliminate barriers to ownership so that everyone can enter in the future of commerce. We are driven by change and seek to impact the global economy.

Redefine how you manage your online store platform with an intricately built AI-powered next-gen software solution. Some of the top features of our AI-enabled e-commerce application include feedback space, variant options, and fast delivery.

Create your store in three simple steps. The personalized dashboard enables you to write product descriptions, view the live products for sale and products sold, modify product pricing, adjust the quantity that customers can buy, and have an overview of your store operations and functionalities.

This specialized e-commerce platform offers a self-customized payment gateway with multiple payment options and allows you to do transactions in various currencies. The exclusive SaaS e-commerce platform enables businesses ranging from large-scale to medium-scale companies to build and scale their online stores.

Key Features of O-Commerce

A unified E-commerce platform helping buyers and sellers attain their goals. Combining quality and reliability with an AI-based interface driven by digital transformation.

  1. Al-based interface
  2. Personalized dashboard
  3. Product suggestions
  4. Customer management
  5. Responsive themes
  6. Subscription models

FAQ Looking For Something Else?

Here are some of the most-requested sources for information.

What is an O-Commerce and how does it work?

The O Commerce is a Next-Generation Online Store created with AI-Based technology that helps grow and manage your business. Sell products across Manage products, Inventory, Payments, and Shipping.

Will you help me set up my online store?

Yes, The online store creator is very user-friendly in creating an online store, and Our 24×7 support team is always here to answer your questions. We also have personal Account Managers available for Premium plans.

Do you provide a free trial?

Yes. We offer a free 14-day trial of the online store. Sign up to get started.

How much does an O-Commerce Cost?

Try O Commerce free for 14 days.
After your trial expires, choose a pricing plan that suits the size and stage of your business.

Do I need a domain name (URL) to purchase my store?

No. If you don’t have your domain name yet, you have 30 days from purchase to provide us with one for your store. If you already have your domain, enter it on the checkout page. “O-Commerce” will not appear in your domain name.

Can I use my existing domain name?

Sure! Our support team can help you link your existing domain or subdomain to your new store if you already have a domain or want to use a subdomain. Also, adding your current domain is very easy and needs to follow a few easy, user-friendly steps.

Do I need technical knowledge to use O-Commerce?

You don’t need to be technically skilled to run an online business on O-Commerce. O-Commerce makes it easy for everyone to launch an online business.

Where can I sell with O-Commerce?

O-Commerce lets you sell almost anywhere your customers are, including online, in-person, online marketplaces, and social media.

Do you charge transaction fees?

No, We don’t believe in transaction fees. You worked hard for your profits – you should get to keep them.

How do I pay?

Enter your credit or debit card information on the checkout page. Depending on the plan you select, your card will be charged monthly or annually for the amount of your store plan. You can change credit card information at any time.

Do I have the option to upgrade between plans?

Yes, Our Account Services team can assist you in making changes.

Do I have to ship items myself?

No, you don’t need to ship items yourself. You can use a third-party fulfillment service to prepare and ship your orders.

Can I accept online payments?

Yes, you can accept online payments from your customers. O-Commerce also allows you to integrate with other payment providers.

Where can I download my purchase(s)?

You will receive an email notification with a download link as soon as your order is completed, and you will also see a download link on the Order Received page.

What do I receive when renewing my subscription?

Your subscription renewal entitles you to support and updates for your product. This ensures compatibility with newer versions of O Commerce and bug fixes, and new features and enhancements.