Ireland EuroMillions Plus 25 November 2024 Results Online

The EuroMillions Plus 25 November 2024 is an exciting additional game that players can enter when buying tickets for the main EuroMillions stat lottery. Lotto Plus gives you the chance to win up to €500,000 on top of the jackpot every Tuesday and Friday.

How to Play EuroMillions Lotto Plus

Playing Lotto Plus is easy. Simply buy a ticket for the main EuroMillions draw 25 November 2024 and you’ll be automatically entered into the Lotto Plus game. The Lotto Plus draw takes place after the main EuroMillions Plus draw 25 November 2024.

EuroMillions Plus Draw

To play, you’ll need to pick five main numbers from 1-50 and two Lucky Star numbers from 1-12. Then for Lotto Plus, you get an additional “Lotto Plus raffle number” which is generated randomly.

Checking EuroMillions Plus Results 25 November 2024

After each draw, you can check to see if your Lotto Plus raffle number matches the winning one drawn. This number is unique to each player.

result coming soon
Date25 November 2024
Ireland Plus

EuroMillions Plus Results Friday, 29 September 2023

DateFriday, September 29, 2023
Ireland Plus29-37-38-40-47

Friday, September 29, 2023


All prize amounts based on a ticket cost of €1.

MatchPrize AmountOdds
Match 5€500,0001 in 2,118,760
Match 4€2,0001 in 9,417
Match 3€201 in 214

Results are available on the official EuroMillions website shortly after each draw. You can also get results via the mobile app, by email or directly from authorised lottery retailers.

To check online, simply:

  • Go to the EuroMillions website
  • Select ‘View Draw Results’
  • Choose the relevant draw date
  • Scroll down to find the Lotto Plus raffle number alongside the main winning numbers

This will confirm if your unique Lotto Plus number has been drawn.

EuroMillions Lotto Plus Prize Tiers

There are five prize tiers for EuroMillions Lotto Plus:

  • Match 5 main numbers and 2 lucky stars to win the Jackpot (estimated €30 million)
  • Match 5 main numbers and 1 lucky star to win €130,554
  • Match 5 main numbers to win €13,561
  • Match 4 main numbers to win €123
  • Match 3 main numbers to win €12

In addition, there are three Lotto Plus prize tiers:

  • Match the Lotto Plus raffle number to win €500,000
  • Match the last 4 digits to win €2,000
  • Match the last 3 digits to win €20

So you have two chances to win per ticket!

Frequency of EuroMillions Plus Draws

EuroMillions Lotto Plus takes place twice every week on Tuesdays and Fridays. The draw is held in Paris at 9pm local time after the main EuroMillions draw.

Lotto Plus was launched in Ireland in November 2008 and has awarded over €194 million in prizes so far. It has given more than €500,000 to winners on average in each draw.

Improving Your Chances of Winning Lotto Plus

While Lotto Plus winning numbers are drawn randomly, there are some tips that may help increase your odds:

  • Play on a less busy day – fewer tickets are sold on Tuesdays than Fridays
  • Pick unusual number combinations – avoid birthdays or number patterns
  • Buy multiple tickets – this increases your chances in a proportional way

Ultimately, Lotto Plus is a game of chance. But playing regularly and covering more possible number combinations can help boost your probabilities.

Can You Buy Lotto Plus Tickets Online?

Yes, Lotto Plus tickets can be purchased online via accredited sites. You can register, pick your numbers, and pay conveniently online.

Your official ticket will be generated with a 19-digit purchase code and emailed to you. This can be used to check results and claim winnings.

Playing online allows you to easily buy entries for both EuroMillions and Lotto Plus ahead of draws. Just remember to purchase before the cutoff time.

Lotto Plus Game Changes

EuroMillions Lotto Plus originally required players to manually select the additional raffle number. However, this changed in November 2014.

Now Lotto Plus numbers are generated randomly by the lottery system. This avoids duplicate numbers and makes the game fully random.

The prize for matching 5 main numbers was also increased in 2017 from €5,000 to €13,561. This made Lotto Plus even more exciting for players!


Lotto Plus offers EuroMillions players an extra way to win a top prize of half a million euro. With draws twice weekly, it provides regular chances to become an overnight millionaire.

Checking results online or via the app makes it easy to see if you have a winning Lotto Plus ticket. Remember to purchase before the deadline for both main and Lotto Plus games.

With its life-changing prizes and straightforward matching format, EuroMillions Lotto Plus will continue to prove popular with lottery fans across Europe.


What is EuroMillions Lotto Plus?

Lotto Plus is an additional game that EuroMillions players can enter for a chance to win extra prizes of up to €500,000. By playing Lotto Plus, you get an extra randomly generated “raffle number” on each ticket.

When are the EuroMillions Lotto Plus draws?

Lotto Plus takes place every Tuesday and Friday night after the main EuroMillions draw, with results typically available around 9.30pm Paris time.

How much does it cost to play Lotto Plus?

There is no additional cost – Lotto Plus is automatically included when you purchase a EuroMillions ticket for the main draw. The overall ticket price is €2.50.

What are the prizes for Lotto Plus?

Prizes range from €20 for matching 3 raffle number digits up to €500,000 for matching the full raffle number. You can also still win the main EuroMillions jackpot.

Where can I buy EuroMillions Lotto Plus tickets?

You can purchase EuroMillions tickets including Lotto Plus online, as well as from authorised retailers in participating countries. Tickets must be bought before the cutoff time.

Can I play Lotto Plus without playing EuroMillions?

No, to take part in Lotto Plus you must first buy a ticket for the main EuroMillions draw on the same day. The two games are linked.